David Williams on U-48: The boat once did a race with a 169mph lap. It's set up now to do
about 140.

Jeff Bernard, U-5: "It's been a rough year." On the U-1 backup hull: "It's an older boat, like the U-48, but it's got some power." It's a little tougher to push through the turns; you need a lot of upper body strength to hold the wheel. Jimmy Shane, driver of the backup says he'll get qualified. He said he is "really, really excited" to get out there.

Mike Allen, aboard a Formula Boat cruiser on the course at 9am this morning, comparing the ride to his flip in Detroit: "Lot smoother than last weekend."

Bill Osbourne with the U-37 team told me the prop they lost last year in the Columbia River... which was found by Bill Moore after 12 dives... is good and may run on the boat's first setup Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

169? is that in qualifying or is he claiming the all time competition lap speed record; i have the current mark as 166+ by Steve David in the 95 T-Plus at Honolulu that year? do i gots mixed up confusion??