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Heat 1A & 1B Official Results & Sat. Point Totals

U-16 E-Lam 400 points
U-37 Beacon Plumbing 400 points
U-5 300 points
U-3 Master Tire 300 points
U-1 II 225 points
U-100 Leland Racing 225 points
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto 169 points
U-10 USA Racing 169 points
U-13 Spirit of Detroit 125 points
U-25 Superior Racing 0 points

Heat 1A
1. U-37 Beacon Plumbing 400 points
2. U-5 1 300 points
3. U-100 LelandRacing 225 points
4. U-10 USA Racing 169 points
5. U-25 Superior Racing DNF 0 points

Heat 1B
1. U-16 E-Lam 400 points
2. U-3 Master Tire 300 points
3. U-1 2 225 points
4. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto 169 points
5. U-13 Spirit of Detroit 125 points

Read the story about the bizarre things that happened in Heat 1B.

Preliminary - unofficial

1. U-16 Villwock
2. U-3 Jimmy King
3. U-1 Mike Allen
4. U-6 Steve David
5. U-13 J. Michael Kelley

J. Michael Kelley moved into Mike Allen, who took out a buoy before the start. Dave Villwock appeared to win crossing the finish line first followed by Jimmy King, Mike Allen and Steve David.

But Kelley got the checkered flag first even though he crossed the line last... hmm.. U-13 has a hole in the right sponson.

Confused? You're not alone.

Heat 1A
1. U-37 Theoret 400 points
2. U5 Bernard 300 points
3. U-100 Hopp 225 points
4. U-10 Bryant 169 points
U-25 DNS (did not start)

live stream is still possible... hang on a few minutes!

Saturday heat draws

Heat 1A

Heat 1B

Best times to date:

U-16 161.167
U-37 157.287
U-5 157.218
U-1 156.842
U-6 151.617
U-3 149.532
U-10 147.631
U-13 146.905
U-100 142.143
U-25 140.723

Still waiting on heat draws

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All boats have now qualified. U-25 at 140. If you haven't seen the paint job on the U-25, here it is... what do you think?

U-100 finally got out on the course after stalling out on the first attempt.

Best speeds from afternoon session:
U6 151.617
U37 154.649
U100 142.143
U5 156.603
U3 141.532

40 photos now posted at:

or... you can go to and follow the link in the TOP STORIES HEADLINES section.

Thanks to: James Crisp, Jim Simpson and Joe McCord

If you're reading only this live blog, go to to view the videos. We now have video of Steve David's first time in the water in the U-6 and a complete Friday wrap-up. Coming shnortly will be James Crisp and Jim Simpson photos.

David Bryant has now enough qualification laps in the U-10 to move into the front line for heat races

Sorry, I've been a little delayed today posting video and trying to help set up a live stream from Evansville - no promises.

Best time from this morning's test runs:
u5 157.218
u1 150.159
u37 156.195
u13 146.100
u3 141.975
u10 140.641
u6 149.473
u16 160.195

Lap 1 156.910
Lap 2 157.287

Course now closed for Friday

Lap 1 155.854
Lap 2 156.128
Lap 3 157.218

Video of the new U-6 on the water in Evansville & interview with Steve David after the run

Thanks Mike Fetscher & Kirk Duncan!

Go to: videos

Top times after Friday's time trials:
Source: ABRA website

U-1 156.842# (Six laps)
U-3 Master Tire 142.174# (Two laps)
U-5 156.365# (Six laps)
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto 146.905# (Nine laps)
U-10 Miss Ahern Rentals Equipment Service 147.631# (12 laps -13 unofficially)
U-13 Spirit of Detroit 145.451# (Seven laps)
U-16 Miss Elam Ellstrom Plus 161.127* (Four laps)
U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing 151.579 (Seven laps)
*New Evansville course restrictor record; # Upped average during second session; @ Did not run during morning session

From Kirk Duncan

Lap 1 150.473
Lap 2 150.791

U-10 David Bryant
Lap 1 142.625
Lap 2 143.417
Lap 3 145.857 (10 laps down)
Lap 4 145.628
Lap 5 148.886 (missed buoy on front stretch coming out of turn 2)
Lap 6 147.601

* Lap 5 does not count, so he still needs 2 laps to be qualified as a driver

U-6 times

Lap 1 145.539
Lap 2 146.729
Lap 3 146.905

From Mike Fetscher: Steve was hugging lane 1 real tight. The boat still seems a little loose, but seems to be getting dialed in.

Lap 1 142.174
Lap 2 134.366

Lap 1 144.604
Lap 2 144.834

Afternoon session best times:
U-37 150.663
U-6 146.249
U-10 147.631
U-1 156.842
U-5 156.365

Some impressive times for the Formula Boats team.

Best time for this session: 156.365 for U-5 Jeff Bernard in 3rd lap... 156.842 for U-1 Mike Allen in first lap.

All 10 boats are now in the pits.

Unofficial speeds for the first session
Source: ABRA

U-1 155.149
U-5 153.754
U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto 140.419
U-10 Miss Ahern Rentals Equipment Rentals 140.696
U-13 Spirit of Detroit 142.766
U-16 Miss Ellstrom Elam Plus 161.127
U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing 151.579

Details at

Steve David on the course in the U-6 for the first time.

Lap 1 124.386
Lap 2 136.219
Lap 3 140.419

It's getting a little windier and choppier on the water.

Thanks Mike Fetscher for the updates!

Photo from WEHT Patriot Cam - LINK: Patriot Cam refreshes every 7 seconds

Dave Villwock ran one incredibly hot lap Friday morning, clocking a 161.167. ABRA calls that a "Modern day speed record"

David Bryant Will be making laps towards his driver qualification.

Lap 1 ---133.786
Lap 2 ---138.714
Lap 3 ---140.696

Bryant looked very smooth!

Jean Theoret U-37 clocks in at 151

More photos from Kirk Duncan

In the pits at Evansville:

Still on the way:

Another webcam

From Kirk Duncan: crew has 3 boats, demo boat looks like the other two. U6 is here as well.

Photos: Kirk Duncan

Photo: Kirk Duncan

River level is at 13.6 feet, just fine for racing.

Weather: currently 87 degrees. 60 percent chance of T-Storms.
80's through Sunday. Slight chance of rain on Friday but looks OK Sat & Sun.

U-13 is in the pits

Live webcam at the Freedom Festival can be found at

U-6 crew spent time adding weight to the boat Wednesday night. It was "a little light."

River levels should be OK this year. No obvious signs of debris (unlike last year when logs popped up and took a bite out of props).

Formula guys are here as well and waiting to get into pits.

From Kirk Duncan:
Three boats in the pits currently and we have internet!!


Talked with Mike Weber and they are here.